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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lego Star Wars Review

A day ago, in a pc far, far away...........


Episode 1: Lego Star Wars Review
It was a dark and warm night. All there was, was me and my pc.(and a sandwich) I wanted to write a review but didn't know what to write. Then a little thing came into my mind......

What else would it be but Lego Star Wars. The original game that was very addictive and fun. It stayed in my mind so fondly it was so hard to get out. Oh what a game. Then little lego Yoda told me to write a review for my blog of Lego Star Wars. And so the review came and was sent to the blog and the review........

Lego Star Wars for the PS2, Xbox, and PC is a very odd style, but very good game. This game is one of those where when you pass by it you are like, "Ehhhhhh, childrens title." That is when a big fish named Brandy should come slap your ass and call you Susan. Now first, the good. The game is FUN! It is so simple that a five year old could beat it in one afternoon while still taking a nap, eating lunch, and cry. But this is what makes it fun. Now the story is you going through the first three movies playing different little Lego characters. In each level you unlock tons of characters. Mace Windu, Darth Vader, Qui-Gon-Jinn, etc.... Now there are many little things in the levels, and tons of easter eggs. Now, the multiplayer. The co-op is the only multiplayer but it is sooooooo good!!! It is so much more fun playing with a friend instead of playing alone. (hehe).You can also kill each other in co-op. Yes, you can finally kill Jar-Jar!! MESA GONNA KILL YOU BIACH!!! Ok i am done. Also, YOU CANT DIE. Now what i mean by this is that if your life meter goes out, then you lose little lego stubs. Now talking about lego stubs, these are very important. You must collect these to buy things, unlock levels, and a bunch more. Also, there are these wierd things that look like all of the planets wrapped around a jar full of Oreo creme. Episode 1: Attack of the 1 inch tall jedis These are also important for making ships to make a ship museum. So those are very important. This is a game for the whole family. Now the bad. Only a little bit. The game is really, really short. I mean like, take a pea then watch Star Wars Episode 1 and then you are done short. (ok not that short, about 8 hours) Also, it is really, really, easy. But the fun level makes up for all that. This is a full thing you don't want anyone to know about. A love, a friend, a 5 out of 5.

Review by Zam


  • Very nice,
    I enjoy it indeed,
    I'll come back some other time,
    For you'll soon see,
    Who is really me.
    Someone who is strange,
    Someone who's at home,
    Someone who's afraid,
    And always alone.

    By Anonymous The Riddler, at 5:29 PM  

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