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Monday, September 11, 2006

AudioSlave's Original Fire

Ok, so here's the deal. Back in August Microsoft's XBOX Live Artist of the Month was Audioslave. On the last day of August I decided, what the hell, I'll take the video, it's free anyway. After watching it twice, I knew Audioslave was a kick-ass band, and I had this song stuck in my head without any hope of getting it out. Oddly though, I hate their old music. This song marks their turn into more rock'n'roll and hip-hop influences in their music instead of alternative, and it makes the difference that got me interested.

This video is just plain awesome (even though the Youtube version is a huge step down in quality from the HD version on my 360), the tune is great no matter what kind of music you like, it's not too hard or too soft for anyone to complain, and the actual video is really unique. I love the pictures and lyrics going around in the background. And Tom Morello and Chris Cornell looks really cool, too. Without further ado, I present AudioSlave's "Original Fire". If you like that, I suggest going out and buying their new CD, Revelations, as it is very cool as well.

Edit: Until YouTube's new interface figures out how to work itself, I can't get videos on this blog, so I'm gonna have to just link you guys. Sorry. AudioSlave - Original Fire



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