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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Star Wars: Empire At War Preview

Have big gray machines ever looked better?A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there is a game to be released called Star Wars: Empire At War (for the PC). It will also be released on Earth for all us Earthlings who love that galaxy far, far away. It seems that Lucasarts is looking for a genre of games that hasn't already been pummeled with Star Wars games. RTS GAMES! The last time they tried making a Star Wars RTS game, they came up with Star Wars: Battlegrounds, a game which had graphics that just plain sucked and it just wasn’t very good. It looks as though they may have a good one this time though! Star Wars: Empire At War is set in a time zone that hasn’t really been tried. The time between Episode III and Episode IV. It seems you will play on multiple planets in a single game and travel between them via space travel. Yes, you will be able to control spaceships AND land troops (yay) ! You will even be able to pilot the Death Star Have dogfights in style in Empire At War(Yes, I’d like an order of total annihilation to go with that fleet of TIE fighters) which from screenshots I have seen seems to be able to destroy whole planets (Me likey!).You will be able to play on around 25 maps on different planets (and space frontiers) from the Star Wars universe which will each have special advantages and resources. Also if you are getting your butt whooped by the enemy, you will be able to call in a Jedi Hero to help (Whoopee!). The only bad thing is you’ll only be able to play as the Empire and the Rebels. Somehow there will be online multiplayer with support for up to 8 people. There will also be a 2 player campaign. As for the graphics just look at the explanations needed. This looks like it will be a very good game and we will have a full review when it is released in Spring 2006.

Preview written by Ton


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