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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Motion Control Mania!!

E3 has shown us the release of the new PS3 controller and some new features of the Wii controller, but they both have on thing in common, motion sensor features. The Wii-mote's sensor feature is used more than the PS3's one, but they are both intact. Let me tell you about them:

The Wii-Mote is the controller/remote control that is used to play games on Nintendo's 7th-gen system, the Wii. The controller is motion sensed and that is mainly how you use it. It has a nunchuku style version when you put it with the attachable analog stick. But you guys probably heard about all of this already. Also on the Wii-Mote there is a special speaker to give you double the sound experience. A great controller/remote with great features changing the gaming world forever and showing off Nintendo's orginiality which we all know and love.

PlayStation 3 Controller
The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is the latest in the line of Sony's little babies that are making them rich. It is high tech with the latest in processing and graphical chips and the first ever game system to run on Blu-Ray disks. The controller used to be a boomerang design, but after further consideration from Sony execs, they decided to go with the basic, original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 controller style with a few tricks up its sleeve. But we are here to talk about the new motion sensing feature. This is a very limited feature that has only been demonstrated to be used for one game so far titled Warhawk. Warhawk is a remake of the original PlayStation 1 game. It is a 3rd-person shooter that also incorporates flying combat, hence the motion control. You fly the aircraft in the game using the motion control, YAY! This is the only use for the motion control so far, but we are sure there will be much more to compete with the Wii's motion control. But it might not help because of their outrageous prices!

We both feel very sorry for the Xbox 360 for not waiting a little while to find out about the motion control and jump on that bandwagon. Now it's going to be hard to compete with the new consoles for Microsoft with their less technilogically advanced machine and its lack of really cool features and completely free online game play instead of two versions. But they still have time being that the real challenge doesn't start to this November.

So this motion control is definitely going to change gaming as we know it. Ton and I can't wait. Zam, out.


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