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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

E3 Mania: Halo 3 Announced!!! And A Teaser Trailer!!

That's right, the long rumored game has been announced and a trailer has been released. This game was rumored so many times saying it wasn't going to be made, but we knew it was. The graphics have been revamped and look incredible. The short teaser trailer hints that this is the end of the world (oh, like we haven't heard that before.) But seriously, if anyone can make the topic of the world exploding, its the Halo series. At the end the little hologram girl says, "This is how the world ends." So, its gonna happen. The game is gonna be the best seller of 2007, definitely. Halo 2 blew everyone's mind away, now imagine Halo 3. This is going to be awesome. This game just deserved its own post.

News will be coming in and we will post all day, so stay tuned to GM2.


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