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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First, the new iPod Nanos.. They are teh pwnage!

What needs to be said, guys? Those things are simply put, BITCHIN'! Here's what the update changes:

  • No more cheap plastic, all Aluminum here.
  • 5 colors, no need to tell you what they are, unless you're colorblind you can tell from the pic. Hell if you're colorblind why should the colors matter?!
  • 24 hour battery life. Enough said, eh?
  • New charger, lanyard, and armband. Charger is way overdue, as is the armband.
  • 52% smaller then the original Nano, I honestly have no dayam idea how they did that, the original Nano's were freaking midgets. To be honest, I don't know if I'd want an iPod that small.
  • Will have the same software as the regular iPods.
So that just about sums it up, the coolest thing about these new Nanos is that the new design looks just like the old Mini's, but smaller and not the plastic of iPods past. For that reason alone, I would probably buy one, but I don't want anything that expensive that's that small. Just too easy to lose. Sorry Apple.

$150 for the 2GB Silver Nano, $200 for the 4GB Nano in all of the colors, and $250 for the 8Gigger in Black. Don't know why you can only get the 4GB in the different colors.. seems one of the biggest things going for them..

Will be back in 5, with more news.



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