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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Test Drive: Unlimited Preview

Today I will be previewing a racing game, yes, ANOTHER racing game. It may not be from one of the better known franchises, but it still looks good. I am talking about Test Drive Unlimited for the XBOX 360. All of the approximately 1000 miles in the game will be driven on the real island of O’ahu Hawaii. So you get to take a vacation AND race in one game! Sounds fun…….. There will be about 125 vehicles to drive, which includes cars and motorcycles. They will be from well known car-makers like Mercedes and Aston Martin. There will supposedly be changing weather while you’re driving and it may affect how your car controls. This will not only be a racing game though, it’s a racing game with a twist. Yes, that’s right, a TWIST which will make this game fun for racers AND girls that just like playing dress up and house (Yes I am referring to you Velocitygirl) You will make an avatar at the beginning of the game which will be about as customizable as a Mr. Potato Head (Actually I think he might be more customizable). You can also collect clothing and apparel. Like oh my god that is so cool! You will also get a mansion in which you can access all the game menus, all the clothing you have gotten, a garage for looking at your cars (You can even sit in them and look at the inside!!!), pools, and home theaters (……..?). Your cars will be fully functional too, you’ll be able to use the radio, horn, windows, etc. Now doesn’t that sound fun? There will be an online mode on XBOX Live with races for up to 8 players. It seems to challenge someone to a race you will drive freely around the island and flash your blinkers at them. I will have a full review on this racing game with a TWIST when it is released in Spring 2006.

Preview by Ton


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