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Thursday, November 10, 2005

A free word processor, a tool for cheaters, and propane boot drying

Time for some more stuff, and it's cool. There's a reason there is BitTorrent, people love getting stuff for free that they're not supposed to. Well, Microsoft Word is waaay too pricey, so why not get a Word-like FREE program called AbiWord? For some reason, I think this looks even better then Word *GASP*. It's absolutely multi-platform, it's got all kinds of features that Word has, and it can save to virtually any type of file. Sure it ain't as slick as Word looks, and that really matters to gamers. Why aren't you downloading this program for FREE? I think you should really go get this program for FREE. Oh, I forgot to give you the link. Stupid me. Here's something that could be endlessly useful to little people. A pen with a small roll-out piece of paper. It can be used to " Secretly pass messages in class * Take down quick notes * Never forget a phone number or email * Quiz yourself by making flash cards." Yeah, right. I think they forgot one big one. CHEATING. You can cheat your way through life with the one time fee of $7 and a little bit of clickage on this link. No, this has nothing to do remotely with tech, but I laughed when I saw it. A propane boot dryer. "Now the assurance of warm, dry boots is available right at camp with this portable propane dryer." Yeaaaah. Here is a thing called a link that you will need to dry your boots. A $55 toll will also be charged. Good luck lighting your boots on fire and making them explode! Something else weird. A toothbrush with Mp3...It really sucks that you have to brush for 2 minutes, then it will play the Barney theme song (I can feel the nightmares coming on). As long as you can put music on it....I guess it's ok...It probably has 1MB of RAM though. At least you can use it to hide hijacked music from the RIAA. The funny thing is, the website for the brush has sites to download music from. Anyway, buy one right about......not here....or here...HERE! Actually you can't buy them online...THANK GOD.


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