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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fun with LED's and other useless crap

I was bored today, so I thought I'd look for some cool LED stuff. First, I found this clock called the Dreamtime LED clock. It's this UFO pyramid. Inside it live little baby LED's. Anyway, if you poke it, it will tell you what time it is using a series of sounds. When it's not beeping, blipping, and bleeping, the LED's inside it will do the cha cha for you. You can tell it to bleep every half an hour or boop every hour. Also, the LED's will even dance to the blips. You can buy it for $40 here. Ok kiddies, the next thing I'm going to talk about is the LED faucet light. This is really cool because it turns your water bright blue. You just screw it on your faucet (...yeah...) and KABOOM you have shiny water! Also, you can scare the crap out of your friends because it looks like blue plasma is coming out of your faucet. These are rare, but I can happen to sneak you one if you click here and pay $15 (to me). Our next act is a watch called the light show watch. Somehow, they shoved little men with colored lights in this watch and made them conga. If you press the backlight on this watch, a ring around the watch will light up. However, if you hold it, a bunch of different colors will start a conga line. This is a pretty good deal for $20, considering most watches are about that much. You can buy one if you click the link. The link. Here's something that I think is plain stupid. It's called Swedish Firesteel. You hold it, slide some metal across it, and you've got yourself 3,000 degree Celsius sparks. The cool thing is that it works whatever the temperature, whatever the weather, it even works if it's wet. However, I don't get how you hold it and make 3,000 degree Celsuis sparks without some kind of pain. So, for a $16 way to kill yourself, click here. One more cool thing I found was the EnBio Gate security system. The cool thing about this is it not only scans your finger, it scans your face. You can also have it do dual finger scans. So now you can save your Photoshopped images of kittens and hot dogs (I always knew you were weird) from Mcdonald's employees. That was random. Anyway, what sucks is that they aren't for sale yet.


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