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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Some more stuff

I think this is finally all the cool stuff I found today. First, Netgear has broken the next wifi barrier. They have finally announced their Rangemax 240 line of wireless stuff. As you can guess, it's 240 mbps a second, which is really fast, faster then Sonic the Hedgehog. The router'll drain ya $200 green ones and the laptop will take $130. It's time for Apple to say ouch, again. The whole Nano scratching lawsuit is going worldwide. Sorry Sir Jobs, but I just have to say this, YOU GOT PWNED! On eBay, there is someone selling a 405′ stunning new Frank Mulder Design Gigayacht. If you don't know what that is, well, it's one of the world's biggest yachts. Here is a direct description of the interior - " Unbelievable luxurious Master Suite on deck includes, luxury office area, salon, cinema room, fitness room, and two person cabin for children, personal assistant, or body guards. Two fabulous multi-level VIP Suites with panoramic windows allow your most valued guests to relax in total luxury." Right now, it's priced at $85 mil, which is a good deal, considering they usually cost $168 mil. The bad news is, you have to pay the shipping. Also, Phillips has announced a new ambient lighting system for gamers. As you can see in the picture, it's cool. One of my reliable sources has found a guide for building your own Radionics energy amp. It costs $30, and it looks cool. Apparentely it has something to do with psychic stuff. If it really works, awesome. Link. Are you tired of getting stupid AOL CD's? Well, here's something to do with them! You even get to throw them [at people]. At this link, there are instructions for a CD boomerang. All you need is 4 CD's that you never need again and the instructions. That's all for today.


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