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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Golly Gee Whiz, It's Website Wednesdays!!

It is time for everyone's favorite segment, Web-site-Wednesdays!! Today I have two awesome websites for you, one for ones out there that are obsessed with logos and love looking at them, and one for n00bs out there. First let's start with the logos. There is a website called Logotypes. On this site you can look at pretty much every single logo ever made for a company. Even extremely old ones. Now it doesn't have all of them, it doesn't have many website logos, but it has a ton of company logos. There are in alphebetical order. You can look at these logos, and you can download them. It is very nice and a great selection. It even has the size (KBs) of the logos for download, it is very helpful. Go and see at this link that really should have its own logo. My next find is for all of you people that need to catch up on your leetspeak or are new to the language. L33tspeak is a language used on the net, in it you replace certain letters with numbers. If you are a true tech guru, you would have known that already, but for all you "chobos", I explained it, happy? Well you should be, because there is a dictionary for you. This is a full dictionary with almost every l33t word ever made. Really great resource. Now you learn words such at 1337, oday, and coo. This will even sometimes make you look good. YOU NOW KNOW A SECOND LANGUAGE!!! Oh yeah, people call you stupid, then ask them how many languages they know, you can say as many as you know including l33tspeak. NOW WHO IS THE SMART ONE!!?? (Yeah, I got a little out of hand with that.) Just go and see this dictionary at the PDF version at this uber link, and the regular, unfancy version at this nize link. After that, if you think you have really mastered it, test your skillz at scrabble with L33t tiles which are replacements for regular scrabble tiles which you can purchase for $15 a this link foo. Ok, I hope you've really enjoyed this Website Wednesdays, I mean I just told you where to learn another language! Wow, a great one. Next week, Ton will teach you baby talk, so stay tooned.


  • Zam, you should be nicknamed the logo king. You love them.

    By Blogger asdf, at 9:11 AM  

  • Yes, I love them all, the small, the shiny, the colorful, they are all the greatest friends in which I proceed with my work, muhahahahahahahaha.(No, I really don't know what I said either lol)

    By Blogger Zam, at 4:43 PM  

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