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Friday, November 25, 2005

Now For My Opinion Of The 360

Well yesterday in the I saw so many deals in the paper I just had to go get some of that. They had some great games for less than $10. Well anyway, while I was there I got to play the wonderful 360. Sure I had to wrestle a few 7 year olds and beat a grandma down with a Guitar Hero box, but I got to play it for a solid say 45 minutes. So the games they had for demoing (new word) was Kameo: Elements of Power, Peter Jackson's King Kong, and Call Of Duty 2. Or course everyone was playing Call Of Duty 2 before me, but luckily when I got on there was no line. So... I played all the demos. First I played Call Of Duty 2. Now the graphics are good in this game and like Ton said, "Off the Jell-O." And it definitely is. This game has good guns, some good controls, and great AI. I kept dying before I got used to it. Well anyway the game is good and really hard. Really fun. Next I played Kameo: Element of Power, and let me tell you, I was confused. I kept getting stopped by giant invisible walls and had no idea what to do. All I did was stand there and got shot by guys with cannons as heads. Well, I can't really say anything about that except that it has great graphics. Next I played Peter Jackson's King Kong. This is the game of the remake of the famous movie King Kong that is remade and directed by Academy Award winning Director Peter Jackson. I tell you this info because the same thing happened in this game as it did in Kameo, I didn't know what to do. I was stuck in circles. So all I can say about this one is that the graphics are phenominal. Ok, now for the complete system. In my run for deals I went to 3 stores two of which having wired controllers for the display and one with a wireless controller. First the wired controller. It is pretty slim and feels pretty nice. It felt good in my hands. For the wireless it was pretty much the same thing. I didn't even notice the battery pack. So if you were wondering if you should get the wired instead of the wireless because of the bulkyness, forget it. Get the wireless. Feels better then the wired actually. About the system I would say it is the same size as the Xbox standing up sideways. Really nice and pretty. So my final verdict about the price. IT IS NOT WORTH $400! I wouldn't even say it is worth the $300. Maybe $250 could do it, but........ If you are willing to pay it, you are in for a treat, but....... You decide. My verdict is wait for a deal or price cut.


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