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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Zathura Movie Review

Just recently I decided to go and see a few movies. One of them was Zathura. Zathura is a pretty good movie with an interesting story. In the movie there are two brothers, Danny and Walter, who don't really like each other. One night Walter gets mad at Danny and locks him in the basement. While down there scared Danny finds a board game named Zathura in the middle of the basement stairs. Danny brings it to Walter to try to have a little fun with his brother. Walter doesn't want to play with Danny because Danny has been known to cheat on board games. Danny opens the box and shows Walter how cool it is and Danny starts playing. In the game you turn a key and the GO button pops up. You press the go button and you rocket goes the amount of spaces the speedometer looking spinner says. Once you land you get a card and you must do what it says on the card. This is what starts everything. After really surreal events such as a meteor shower in the living room happens, Walter is scared and drawn into the game. They continue playing and many things such as thier house floating in space, a visit from lizard people known as Zorgons and a robot that is funtioned to kill Walter happen. They soon find out that they must complete the game for everything to return to normal. So they must continue. The movie is really interesting. It has many twists and turns that some wouldn't expect and a big surprise in the end that is very funny. The special effects were actually very good and looked very real. Especially the Zorgons and robot (have to see the movie to know what I am talking about.) There are some problems. The actors are very good, but Danny who is 6 years old is VERY annoying. A ton of screaming and whining. Very annoying. The movie is WAY too much like Jumanji. I know, it is the same writer, but he could have made it a whole different story not even close to Jumanji. Well it is a good movie and you should go and see it if you have already seen everything you wanted to see. Now it has been marked as a kid film, but there is some language that is not suitible for children. Zathura gets 3 green, meat eating Zorgons out of 5.


  • I liked Jumangi, but I have no desire to see this movie

    By Blogger asdf, at 11:02 PM  

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