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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nintendo's DS Lite

Rumors have been going around for a while, and now it's finally official: Nintendo is releasing a new DS! The name is Lite, DS Lite. The main point is to make it smaller. Much smaller. It's going to be 1/3 the size of the original DS and 20% lighter. I have one question though, with it being that thin, will it still play GBA games? Anyway, right now it's set to come out on March 2nd in Japan for 16,800 yen (about $145) and sometime later in the US. Now to the important part, the design. It's obvious that Nintendo is trying to make the DS more like the Revolution when it comes to design. Also it looks like an Apple product, joy. So, it's small, light, and looks like an that all? Not exactly. Also, there's this little symbol on the top half when it's closed, I think it's the DS symbol (the 2 screens on top of each other). That looks really cool. Also, the power button's not on the inside anymore...I'm guessing it's on the bottom or side. Aside from moving some other stuff around, that's the new DS. I have mixed feelings about this thing, just like everyone else. I mean, I just bought my DS last summer, and even though I love it, I don't exactly feel like buying a new one so soon. I actually think the old one looks pretty good. That aside, I'm still considering it. Looking at reader comments from the article I read, they have the same feelings. My feelings are somewhere around this guy's :"Oh wow... Not only does it look like an Apple product, it even comes with the "Damnit!, I just bought one" feeling as well." Oh well....we'll see how it goes...Opinions?


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