Gamer Mania 2

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

TYS Prizes

I said I would go into the prize part of the new segment soon, so here I am. The actual prize system is going to be either: each month the person with the highest points gets a free game or certain point levels will get you games. If we choose the points levels one then we'll also allow you to get G-mail invites with your points. We're still debating that though. Anyway, if you're wondering about the points, you get 5 for a 1st place, 3 for a 2nd place, 1 for a 3rd place, and 1/2 a point for just trying. Also, if you make comments on 10 posts, you get a point. By comments we mean relevant comments, not "I like touching squirrel's tails". Ok, every week, we'll add the points into your scores. The top 10 point holders will be shown on a leaderboard on the sidebar. That's about all there is to say so far, but we'll keep you updated.


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