Gamer Mania 2

Monday, January 23, 2006

Happy (almost) 6 month b-day Gamer Mania 2! You're getting so big now!

Ok, we've been around for just under 6-months and we think we're doing pretty well. However, it's time for some changes. After all, we are getting older. I know I think you'll like what we're doing and I'm pretty sure Zam does too. For one thing, it's time to say bye bye to Release Recap and Flash Friday. They were so 3 months ago anyway. We're gonna keep Marked Down Mondays and Website Wednesdays because we think those are pretty popular. Don't think we're lazy because we're getting rid of 2 "segments", we're not. Starting this week, we're adding new, improved segments that will be much've already got one in the works that will most likely be going in tomorrow. I'm gonna keep it a surprise but let me tell you 2 things - it will include giving away games and you'll need your digi-brush ready. Of course that's not all we're changing, I mean come on, we're turning half a year old! We're most likely gonna make at least one more segment, maybe two. Also, we're going to make sure we start doing more of our reviews and previews that you all like so much. That's all for now from the GM2 big-blog-birthday ceremony. See ya tomorrow for the unveiling of TYS! Whoops, did I just say the initials of our new segment? Oh well. Begin singing Happy Birthday riiiiight.....NOW!


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