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Friday, July 21, 2006

NBC's Heroes

As some of you might have heard, NBC is having a new show for its fall lineup, and one of them is a show called Heroes. Heroes is a show about many different people around the world that wake up one morning and discover they have superhuman powers, but pretty much only one, single power. The show showes their lives and how they deal with their powers. Eventually, these "Heroes" must work together to save the world from an evil guy who wants to take their DNA and do evil things with it. And the first thing that popped into Ton and I's mind as sooned as we saw a preview for the show was, "Wow, that is such an X-Men clone!" And guess what, nothing is really turning our minds away from that. Well, the heroes they follow have such similar powers to so many X-Men, that's its just crazy. Here's some of them: Peter Petrelli is a 30 yr old male nurse who found out he has to power to fly (countless number of mutants), there's Isaac Mendez who is a painter and a junkie who can paint the future when he is high (again, countless number of mutants can see the future, now painting is a different story, but its pretty much the same), there's Niki Sanders who is a Las Vegas Cam Girl who has a very powerful alter-ego (can't think of any X-Men, but I have one question, how does that make her a super-hero? That one is that will have to be seen further), there's Hiro Nakamura (wow, Hiro, what a great name for a Hero), well anyway, he has two powers, he can munipulate time (an X-Men named Sway has that too) and Hiro can also teleport (Nightcrawler, but he can teleport from Japan to New York, so more of the X-Man named Blink), there's D.L. Hawkins who's a prison inmate that can walk through walls (wow, that is seriously one convenient power for his situation, and Kitty Pryde is the related X-Man), there's Claire Bennet who is a High School Cheerleader with incredible healing powers (Wolverine, Beast, Angel and a lot more), and finally, there's Matt Parkman, a LAPD cop who has the power of telepathy (Marvel Girl). So, as you can see, all of the characters are EXTREMELY similar and are doing pretty much the same thing as the X-Men, but NBC is saying that this show is too real to be the X-Men. And they can get away with it, because one of their writers and producers is Jeph Loeb who worked on X-Men before and countless other comic books. Ok, I'm hitting a bit hard on how it is like the X-Men, but it is. But overall, it sounds like a good show. It's probably something I would watch, and NBC needs it because of their current ratings. So, maybe this show will draw in the comic fans and just people who like super-heroes. So look out for this show, Mondays on NBC starting sometime this fall. Stay tooned on GM2 because we will be covering some on important events going on with Comic Con, coming soon.



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