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Saturday, July 15, 2006

VideoDownloader Plug-in for Firefox

If you’re like me and hate seeing a sweet video on the net and not being able to download it, then you’ll be glad that a new Firefox add-on named “VideoDownloader” has been released. It does pretty much what the name suggests: it lets you download embedded videos from websites. That means that you can download videos from Yahoo Music, Youtube, and just about any other site that you can watch stuff on. All you do is start watching a video, and click on the object at the bottom of the Firefox window. So do yourself a favor and go download this FF plug-in right where Linky is standing. OMG IT’S LINKY!! Long time no see old buddy!

On a side note.. we don’t endorse downloading videos off of Yahoo! Music because it’s most likely illegal. My suggestion is to buy the video off of iTunes and then download it off of Yahoo, because at least then you’ve payed for it, and you just want better quality. Personally, I don't see any thing wrong with doing it as long as you just watch it. It's really just to promote the song, so you should be able to get them free. Basically, it's your choice, but if you get caught by the RIAA it's not our fault.


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