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Friday, June 16, 2006

Gates has left the building, in 2008.

In a press conference held Thursday after the stock markets had closed for regular trading, Gates announced that over the next two years he will gradually step away from his daily responsibilities at the company he cofounded some 30 years ago.

Microsoft's chief technical officer Ray Ozzie will immediately assume the title of chief software architect, Gates said. In addition, chief technical officer Craig Mundie will immediately take the new title of chief research and strategy officer and will assume Gates' responsibilities for the company's research and incubation efforts.

"Our business and technical leadership has never been stronger, and Microsoft is well-positioned for success in the years ahead," Gates said in a release. "I feel very fortunate to have such great technical leaders like Ray and Craig at the company," Gates said. "I remain fully committed and full-time at Microsoft through June 2008 and will be working side-by-side with Ray and Craig to ensure that a smooth transition occurs."

Yes, you read that right. Gates is leaving in 2008. I see this as a very mixed bag. For one, everyone knows him as the creator of Microsoft, and a lot of people who don't know the industry will probably think: Without him leading them and creating ideas like the XBOX, Microsoft will be dead. Even though people who know whats going on know he probably will still stay around in back for a few years. My other thought on the bad side is: Could this maybe be a foreshadowing of something bad on the horizon? Maybe he thinks Vista is going to bomb? Interesting. We'll see.

There's also a few good things. It gives a chance for some new ideas to come along since a bunch of people no one knows are taking over. Could be good, could be bad. And lastly, he had to retire sometime.. At least he's leaving them with a good console, and a good operating system coming up. That's all I have to say really... except: Elvis has left the building. So have I.
Ton, out.


  • All this Ton, out and Zam, out has got to stop. It's not cool at all.Not even when Ryan Seacrest, who you are so obviously copying does it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:52 PM  

  • Haha. Well, I've actually never heard Seacrest say it or known him to say it. Hell, I've never really seen Seacrest except on American Idol. But, we can stop. Sorry.

    By Blogger Ton, at 10:56 PM  

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