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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Next up: iPod and Shuffle get revised

After the Nano, what could Apple do but release new versions of the regular iPod and the Shuffle? Nothing. So the iPod is not really a redesign, more of just an update to it. Here's what's changing:

  • No more 60GB. The new models are now 30GB and 80GB, no news released on whether they will be the same form factor or the 80 larger then the 30 as in the last generation.
  • 60% brighter screen.
  • 3.5 hours of video playback on the 30, 6.5 on the 80.
  • Newly-designed headphones, not shown, hopefully they will be in-ear with increased quality.
  • New searching feature for music
  • 'Gapless' playback, no idea what that means
  • Games for $5 on iTunes, will work with the old 5G's and this, no information about the Nanos.
I don't care about the brightness. I don't care about the Gapless playback. I care about games and all that video playback. 6.5 hours of video playback in such a small thing amazes me, I will be getting that 80GB no question as long as it is not as big as the 60GB was last time. Now the games.. I will not buy the iPod just for that since my 5G does it just fine, but I am pretty excited about that too, playing Pac-Man, Zuma, and Tetris on my iPod sounds like it'll be fun. Only $5 as well. Sort of wish they would give us the same paint job options as the new Nanos, but that's an easy thing to let go. $250 for the 30GB and $350 for the 80GB. No release date.

So what I'm thinking is, one way or another, with this update, I'm going to get a new iPod after just a year as long as the 80 isn't huge. I hate Apple for doing this but I'm willing to pay for that extra video playback (especially with the movies I'll talk about next post), but it was getting a hella scratched up anyway. I wish they would just get the freaking Video out the door so I don't need another one next year again.. oh well. I'm also interested in the new earbuds.. I would be paying $100 for new ones if I hadn't heard this.. hopefully they are in-ear and not as tinny as the last ones.

The Shuffle is receiving a total makeover, and the new one will be as big as the iPod Remote is. If you don't know how small that is check the pic. That's crazy small, fo shizzle. Too bad it's a Shuffle, I can not have an mp3 player without a screen. It's that simple. Coming in 1GB next month for $80.


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