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Monday, September 05, 2005

L.A. Rush Preview

It's time for my marathon to begin! The first game I am going to preview is called LA Rush for the PS2 and XBOX. There are rumors that it used to be an arcade game called Rush but I don't believe them. This is going to be a cross between two of the types of racing games - the ones where you can customize your cars a lot and Burnout. There will be like 50 cars that you can trick out to the max. You will be able to drive around the wide world of Los Angeles, which will be fully boomable (destructable for all you idiots out there) and totally open. The destructable environments look really cool. Who wouldn't love to drive a car right through the Hollywood sign? There will be a story mode in which you have to steal your cars back because they got jacked. That's right, your cars got jacked n00b! There are gonna be other game modes but there isn't much news about them so far. You can shop for car parts at West Coast Customs. What else........what else. Oh yeah there is multiplayer.....there's online. Oh wait I lied there is NO ONLINE! Do these game makers actually think we're gonna buy games without online? I guess they do and they are right. Seriously can a game without online be that good? I think not. Um. That's it. No more. All over. The end. Well this game looks like it MIGHT (that's a BIG might) be able to burn more rubber than Burnout, but the lack of online is really going to hurt it. I guess we will all see when it is released in mid-October.

Preview by Ton


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