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Saturday, September 03, 2005

WarioWare Twisted! Review

Where there is Nintendo, there is Mario, and there is Mario's close relative Wario, that read eyed greedy italian that always tends to eat bad garlic. Yes, he is back with his 50 billionth game called WarioWare Twisted! for the GBA. This is an amazing game. There is a new form of gameplay exclusive to Nintendo known as gyrochip technology. This is a special sensor that senses when you move your gba and what direction. This makes the game so much fun, original, confusing, and weird looking when people look at you playing with it. The game has stories with all of Wario's friends. There is the disco guy, the girl, the bla bla bla. They all have seperate mini-games where you lean your game in the direction it tells you to. Let me explain this. The gyrochip sensor can tell which way you lean your GBA. The mini-games are little "spin games" that take advantage of the gyrochip. Get it now? If you don't then I am very disappointed in you like I was when I saw the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Now there are a bunch of mini-games and when you think you have unlocked all of them, there are many many more. Once you beat a story mode then you can go back to try to make a better score, or whatever. After you beat all of the stories, they all have a little boogieIf anyone figures out what the heck is going on here please tell me down, Saturday Night Fever this afterwords together. If you go back and finish the boss, then you get a souvenier. This is a mini-mini-game. These are little fast games that are good if you can only play for a little while. Now about the games. Almost each character has thier own mini-games (except for the few ones that the games from the others). This gives the game some variety and choice. Now the game only uses buttons in a few limited amount of games. This is a good way to make the gyrochip stick out as the key feature. Now this game is fun, original, smart, and impressive all at the same time. We hope that Nintendo can come out with some more great games with the gyrochip. Unfortunatly, they came out with a BAD Yoshi (of course, Yoshi game) with this. So far WWT is the best. A 5 out of 5.



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