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Saturday, September 03, 2005

What Will Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Be Rated?

The new version of Grand Theft Auto named Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will be coming out soon, but since of all the controversy with GTA: San Andreas' "Hot Coffee" seen/minigame (which i still can't find) been sturring (which made Hilary Clinton finally interested in Video games, because she was wonder why Bill was spending all of his time on his PS2) what is the PSP version going to be rated. Well you think by now Rockstar would have gotten the message and probably have, but will they spend another few months having to cut out some content that make as much news as their latest PS2 game. Though there have been a lot of estimated release dates talking about when it will be released, who knows? Well they started it before the big "Hot Coffee" fight, and might have put some hidden content in there, but no one is pretty certain (at least I dont think), but what will it be rated, will the ESRB make it M or AO, for that, we can only wait and see.

News story by Zam


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