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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Burnout Legends Preview

So I says to him 'you get out of my way or I'll move you' He didn't get out of the way...
It is time for the National Burnout Day Ceremony to come to an end...AFTER I PREVIEW BURNOUT LEGENDS FOR THE PSP THAT IS! This is the first installment of the Burnout Series on the PSP. Before I start I am going to say that if that little analog nub on the PSP hinders the gameplay I am ripping the thing off and using the little joystick under it! There will be many of the old Burnout cars and some new ones in this game (By old I mean ones from BO 1 and 2). So far I have heard about an Eliminator Challenge mode (probably the same thing as
Eliminator), Pursuit mode, Road Rage (at least in multiplayer), and Crash mode (same as all the other BO games). There will obviously be a race mode too. In Pursuit Mode, you play as a new
police car and you have to chase down the racers I think. There will also be a World Tour Mode so you can tour the world as usual. The graphics look very good for a portable system except in the screenshots they have too much emphasis on the speed and everything is very blurry. Whether that will be the same in the actual game I don't know. The multiplayer does look very promising though. You will be able to play via WiFi (Wireless Fidelity for all you people who Hey look it's the Three Musketeers!know nothing about anything electronic, which is probably about half of the people that look at this) with up to 4 players. Also, if you are all too cheap to buy a disc for each one of you, you can use the Game Share feature with only one UMD disc. I happened to notice something though - you will only start out with 5 cars on each game! To unlock the other 20 you have to beat people in multiplayer. What if you don't HAVE 4 friends with PSPs? What if you don't even have 4 friends??? That is about it. Burnout Legends looks like an oooooook game but I think Revenge will be WAY better (probably cheaper too). This will be releasing simultaneously with Burnout Revenge on September 13. We will probably have a review of this game sometime after it comes out.

Preview by Ton


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