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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ridge Racer DS Review

Good steering, great graphics, more than 9 tracks, damage. These are a few things that you want in a good racing game. Well you aren't going to get that here. Ridge Racer for the Nintendo DS is well.... below standard. I mean for the DS. Well first, (like always), the good. It can be a little fun. A nice cute little racing game. There are cute cars. THERE IS A PAC-MAN CAR. Um........... (more good thing, more good things). Ok, htere is nothing more to say that is good about this game. And now, we are proud to present, The Bad, presented by my keyboard. Only 3 tracks. They try to make Ridge Racer DS for Nintendo DSit seem like there is more because they make the tracks backwords and call it another track. No get fooled. The graphics are pretty bad. I mean they are ok for DS graphical standards but if you dont like pixely cars and enviornments, then don't get this game for the graphics. What is on the bottom screen you ask. A WHEEL. Nothing but a wheel and some menus. I mean you can use that to steer, but that is so fraggin hard. And i know that you little gamer doesn't want to get carpule tunnel, now does he, doooooooesssssss heeeeeeeeeee. (Or she). (now does sheeeee, doooooeeeeeessssssssssss sshhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee) All around this game is probably going to sell because of the Ridge Racer name. But seriously, consider it before you buy it. Especially since you can get Burnout 3 on the consoles for $20 now. If it wasn't for the Pac-Man car it would have gotten a 2. But they do, so it is a 3 out of 5.

Review by Zam


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