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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Spider-Man 2 Review

Spiderman 2 on the PSP
Now, today for PSP week, I am going to review Spider-Man 2. (the game) This is based on the movie, but is only called Spider-Man 2. First, the good. The graphics are pretty good. Smooth, a lot of detail. Some of the cut scenes have incredible graphics. But those are once in a blue moon cut scenes. The gameplay is fun. More fun some times then other. The gameplay is kind of like the first movie game. The enemies are actually pretty challenging. Some more than others. They still have the tetorial, which is good. The controls are pretty good. I guess I could say that. The audio is ok. I mean the voiceovers are pretty well done. Ok, now I have to go to the bad presented by my brain. The AI is horrible. They stand there. I did say that the controls were good, but I lied a little. They get frustrating. Especially since you can only use the analog stick to move. No cheats :-( . So this game has its ups and downs like all games, but it is just a game to play if you beat all of your other games. Or, if you are a Spider-Man fanboy. A 3 out of 5.


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