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Saturday, September 10, 2005

PSP Movies Review

Today for PSP week, I am going to review movies for the PSP. Now there are a bunch of movies now for the PSP (because Sony owns almost everything)(Everything else is owned by EA) There are movies like Spider-Man 2, Sin City, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Hitchhiker's Guide Spiderman 2 The Movie on UMDTo The Galaxy (oh my god why), The Italian Job, Bad Boys, Guess Who, a stand up show from that drug guy who was in Africa, oh yeah, Dave Chappell, Napolean Dynamyte, and hundreds more. Now first, like a game review, the good. They look incredible on the PSP's big screen. Clear and crisp, and it looks like your plasma tv at home.(i know, i don't have a plasma either.) Um....... what else, what else, well they are portable. That is always good. It is much better than carrying around a portable DVD player. Dodgeball on UMDThe movie's screen size can be chosen, you can change it to widescreen or fullscreen, or more. There is a giant variety as I have said ealier in this review. And, um........ Well that is all. And now, The Bad, presented by my notepad document. There are no special features. No commentaries, no deleted scenes, and no other stuff. I mean you will find your occasional special way to watch it, like in National Treasure (oh what a good film) there is a special watching mode where they tell you history facts on the bottom of the wide screen. That is very educational (which we all want, right?) Well, overall, having the movies is good, but it is only the movie. So if you want special features, try regular DVDs. All of the movies get a 3 out of 5.

Reviewed by Zam


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