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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

GripShift Preview

You can join the PBA (Penguin Bowling Association) in Gripshift!Now it is time of a preview. This is a preview for GripShift for the PSP. Now this game looks like an interesting one. This is a racing game with many things in it. There are over 100 puzzles in it too. YAY. In this game you can choose from six characters. Wow, only six, c'mon. In this game there are tons of unlockables. Cars,tracks, puzzles, stuff like that. The cars look like they were just taken out of the hot wheels collection. They are so cartoony like and covered in engine parts. Now in the game, you can create your own tracks. This is GREAT. Creating tracks is what every game needs. I know you are reading There is an easy way to explain this track - straight, turn, loop, straight, turn, loop,straight, turn, straight, turn, loop.....this and saying, "He means every racing game should have that."Nope. There should be a little section of Halo 2 where they should let you make your own banshee racing levels. That would be awesome! There are also a bunch of mini-games, like Penquin bowling, YAY!!!!! Now, there is wireless multiplayer. You can play with 3 other friends. 3, c'mon, why not 6 or 9, and no online. We have the technology. Yeah that is right you heard me Advent Rising, we have the technology to make better graphics. I mean they are not covering up thier online with $1,000,000, (even though they should) like you did with your graphics. Well GripShift game looks like a good racing game, we will see when we have a full review, during the coming months.

Previewed by Zam


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