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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fur is going to fly in this Website Wednsday!

...KITTEN!!!Today I have decided I am doing a themed WW. It's all about the furry things that everyone love. You know - KITTENS!!! The lovable fluff balls that fill the net and plot to take over your mind. So I have found 2 really good sites about cats. First off, what are cats good for? Playing video games? No. Frisbees? Yes, but forget about that for now, you will have plenty of time to use your cat as a frisbee later. How about using them as shelves? YES!! They are PERFECT for that!! Oh you didn't know that? Well, I have proof! Go to Stuff On My Cat, and you will see! They love putting stuff on cats, anything from socks to post-it notes. Go check this out, you will laugh your head off. You can even pile stuff on your cat and send it in so everyone can see what a great shelf your cat is. The second website is Rate My Kitten. The point of this site is, you get to vote on how cuddly, fuzzy, and cute cats are. You can vote anything from 1-10, and you can even submit your own cat to be judged. Please note: whichever cat gets the highest average score will be our next president, so vote carefully. Then again....any kitten would do a better job then George Bush is doing right now (You got pwned George Bush!). That is it for all the fluffyness today, but have no fear, they shall return.....someday.


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