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Sunday, October 16, 2005

We disappoint.....again...and new overall results for my face-off.

Sorry guys, we got one debate up, but not the other. Sorry we got your hopes up then dropped them like rocks. We'll get it up sometime, just not now. We kind of just wanted a week off because we've been doing a lot of work lately. At least we got one up...Thanks for the feedback on the both of the face-off stories too. As a matter of fact, I got to thinking about the overall winners of my face-off, and I looked the browsers over more thoroughly and i have come up with some new results. 1st place goes to Opera, I found some great features in it like a sidebar that does a lot. 2nd place is Firefox, there are some great skins for it that make it look great, and the security is strong as a brick wall. In 3rd is Netscape, though it is very close to 2nd. I love the loading icon and the toolbar, but it is a bit crowded. In a close chase of Netscape, is AOL Explorer in 4th. It's very shiny and it has some good features, but it is in Beta right now and it isn't very supported yet. Lastly is Internet Explorer of course, because it just sucks. It was a very close race for the 1st through 4th places, but each one had an edge over the one in the rank below it. This is my final verdict finally. You should do your best to try and use one of the top 3, but #4 is good too, and absolutely don't use IE. I just hadn't looked over all the browsers enough, sorry.


  • For the record, AOL Explorer 1.2 is in Beta....1.1 has been released for some time now.

    AOL Explorer 1.2 is definitely beta quality, but that's because they're moving to the new Boxely UI engine. 1.1 is solid as a rock, is fast and has quickly become my favorite browser. You should base your rankings on 1.1 and not the 1.2 beta.

    If you download AOL Explorer 1.1 now, you should check out the Golden Browser promotion....a very cool contest.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:03 PM  

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