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Friday, October 14, 2005

Watch browsers battle to the death in this face-off! (Ton's side of the story)

Ok this is probably the question that is always running across your mind, what is the best browser out there? I mean, everybody used to use Internet Explorer because there AOL Explorer, now new and shinierweren't many others that even competed, but now, there are bunches of them. I'm going to face-off 5, Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Opera 8, Netscape 8, and AOL Explorer. All of them are at least fair, but some of them are absolutelyI swear when I opened Firefox once it said Mozilla Moonhippo stunning. First off, I'll go over the most popular browser, Internet Explorer 6. Well, it's pretty basic compared to all the others. Let's see, no tabbed browsing, it's really ugly. There's pretty much nothing good about it, except it's easy to use. Also, absolutely every plug-in works with IE. However, it's not customizable, which is bad, especially for girls who just love accesorizing (A.K.A every girl in the world). Ok, that's all about IE. Next, I'll talk about Firefox. This was the head of the tabbed browsing revolution, which means it should be the best. However, all of the other browsers have gotten really good, better then FireFox even. What I think is really stupid is, they took a long time to make FF 1.5, and Internet Explorer 6, the world's oldest browserthey didn't do any design updates. Sure, Firefox is great, I mean, what other browser can be changed so much by plug-ins that people make? None! It's really cool finding all the stuff people make, and a lot of them are very useful. One of my favorites is SessionSaver, which saves any tabs you have open when you close the browser, very useful indeed. Also, there are skins, which are very "in" right now. If you have to be trendy, then you need Firefox. NEXT. Hmm, I guess we can do AOL Explorer. A firefox clone this is, but a hot one at that. It's SHINY. The whole thing is platinum which is really hot. Tabbed Browsing is obvious, as it is a must-have this browser season.Go check out Opera, the browser not the loud thing, idiotOpera, and yes, the fat lady will sing when I am done. This is a really cool browser, especially since it is finally free. I really do like the design of this browser, it's cool. The browser loads very fast, has tabbed browsing, integrated Google search, and more! What is more you ask? More is a good deal of customization, a password manager called Wand (Which is a seperate program), and integrated RSS feed. Also, graphics look great thanks to Scalable Vector Graphics. *Fat lady sings* Ok to the last browser, Netscape. You know Netscape, it's that browser with that feature and that thing. Ok really, lots of people use Netscape. Now, Netscape is improved! For the small fee of some of your bandwith, you can have Netscape!Netscape toolbar = utter confusion This is a great browser, tabbed browsing, the ultimate customizable toolbar, and a lot of other junk. My favorite part is the little loading symbol with the fireworks , I stare at that for hours, as you can tell, I am easily amused. Ok now for the judging. JUDGES. WHERE ARE THE JUDGES?? What? I'm the only judge? Well that is stupid. Here are the winners:

There are 6 categories: Design, Functionality, Ease of Use, Compatability, Customization, and Overall.
In the Design category, we have AOL Explorer sliding away from Netscape for the win. AOL Explorer is the best in my opinion because, well, it doesn't have much clutter on the toolbar and it's just so streamlined. Netscape comes in second because of the loading symbol :-)

In the Functionality category, Firefox wins, with Netscape right behind it. Firefox is the best just because of all the plug-ins, they really enhance the browser. Netscape is a close second because of how much the toolbar does.

In Ease of Use, Internet Explorer flies by every one else, because well, it's easy to use. There's nothing complicated about it. No tabs, not much on the toolbar, just a basic browser. For second I will just give it to AOL Explorer because it's pretty straightforward, with nothing to confuse beginner computer users on the toolbar.

The winner of Compatability is Internet Explorer because, well, everything runs on it, there is not a single plug-in like Flash that doesn't work with it. Firefox is about the same for second, with the loss of a few smaller plug-ins.

In Customization, Firefox wins, no debating that. There is no other browser with as many add-on plug-ins or skins as Firefox. For second, Netscape wins because of how much you can customize the toolbar.

*Drum roll please* And the winner of the overall best browser of 2005 by Ton of Gamer Mania 2 is......NETSCAPE 8.0! This browser is just so cool, it's pretty streamlined, the toolbar is so customizable, and of course the little symbol in the corner. So Netscape gets the biggest trophy.

In Second Place for Overall, is AOL Explorer. This is a great browser from AOL, they are really stepping up every thing they do. The design of this browser is incredible, and it has a good deal of functionality, and it is easy to use.

And finally in Third Place is Opera. I know this didn't get any of the other categories, but it is a good browser one way or another. The picture quality is great, it loads fast, and it even saves your tabs without an add-on.

Basically, I say get Netscape, AOL Explorer, or Opera, they're all very good.


  • Good review. I use FF the most, but recently downloaded opera and aolex, so i'll be trying them out too

    By Blogger asdf, at 12:38 AM  

  • Matt you blasted moron! Have you read anybody else's reviews?! PC Magazine has this to say about AOL Explorer: "Questionable antispyware tools. Some features not yet working. Can't import favorites from Firefox or Opera. Doesn't support Internet Explorer toolbars." Who wants something questionable?! And they're stupid too...FireFox is not hard to use at all! It's one of the most secure, expandable, and easiest to use browsers available! And you gave the top place to Netscape?! WHY?! Netscape only uses the Internet Explorer and FireFox browsing engines to display the page, and if you don't know, AOL bought NetScape. Astoundingly enough, AOL Explorer is built of the core IE engine. Opera's okay, but it's name just sounds...stupid. And I don't know why you let IE have the top spot at anything - do you know how many security patches MS has made for it? My uncle is a software engineer; he says, "You don't need antivirus software, you just need to use Mozilla." Firefox is a Mozilla product. Matt, start rethinking this review!

    By Anonymous Cameron, at 1:38 PM  

  • You're saying don't use Firefox?!

    “Beware of spyware. If you can, use the Firefox browser.” - USA Today

    “Better than Internet Explorer by leaps and bounds.” - FORBES

    And what world were you in when you acted like Opera is the only one with live RSS feeds?! Firefox-

    Live Bookmarks
    RSS integration lets you read the latest news headlines and read updates to your favorite sites that are syndicated.

    And you didn't even put Firefox in the top 3?! OVER 90 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE DOWNLOADED IT!

    And one other thing - has had millions of downloads of themes, extensions and plugins. You can find a plugin for something you want - and you can find themes better than AOL.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:44 PM  

  • Whoa guys, I didn't say Firefox wasn't good. I do like it, actually it is still one of the browsers I use a lot. No, I didn't think of the security features. Yeah, Firefox has the most add-ons and themes, didn't I SAY that? AOL Explorer is in Beta though, so you are right Cameron. It was a hard choice for the Top 3, I do think Firefox deserves it, but I really like the other 3. If they update Firefox majorly, it will probably get deserving of #1. It's just a bit out of date, which is why it didn't win. Just a little hint, these are my opinions. No, it's not a fact that Firefox is better, it's not a fact that Netscape is better. However it is a fact that IE is the worst.

    By Blogger Ton, at 9:17 PM  

  • I'm using IE right now because Microsoft modded this fingerprint reader to NOT work with anything BUT Internet Explorer [itself (Not even Netscape under IE Mode!)]. Under Favorites, there's a folder called "AOL Explorer" so they really need to develop something instead of waiting for Microsoft to release their new version of IE with all the features from Mozilla and all the others. Out of date?! I remember having to install a new version of it the last time I updated my laptop...

    By Anonymous Cameron, at 11:06 AM  

  • PC Mag also said about AOL Explorer, 'Even Firefox devotees should consider taking AOL's spiffy, feature-packed browser for a spin.' And they gave it 4/5 stars.

    I use it and it's pretty solid... Cameron, you're not exactly putting up a fair and balanced view.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:48 PM  

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