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Friday, October 21, 2005

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Welcome everyone to my first mini-review. It is of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 on the PS2. This is very good from what I have been able to play on the demo. There were two playable things on the demo, a 3 minute space Battle Over Coruscant and an 8 minute land battle on Utapau - the big hole inStar Wars Battlefront 2 on PS2 the ground. First I'll go over the Battle Over Coruscant. The space battles look very promising, but with 3 minutes, I couldn't get very far. However, one thing I noticed is the addition of little objectives in missions, they can get a little annoying. It's like you're about to win the game, there's one wookie left to kill, and it tells you you have to blow up a satellite tower. Then, after you blow it up, an army of wookies runs over you. That could happen, and I would be pissed at Pandemic for adding objectives. Also, there are tons more ships then in Battlefront 1, I got to play against the CIS, and I saw 6 ships from both teams combined. That's just the Episode 3 ships too, there's bound to be tons more from the other Ep's. Ships can now boost so fast that it doesn't even look like they're going fast, in addition to the 3 speeds from BF1. One flaw I saw was the amount of ships, there aren't enough for how big the maps are, it looked empty when I was playing. The farthest I got in the objectives was: Blow up the communications tower, Enter the enemy hangar, and then blow up the main generators. Overall, the space battles play pretty well. Ok now to Utapau, the holey ground. Not that much has been done to land battles. Oh wait, how dare I say that. First of all, at certain times in the game, you will be asked in you want to be a jedi. I got to try out Obi-Wan, and it seems you have to kill people to stay as the jedi. The controls of the jedis aren't the best, they can use their lightsaber, force, and a high jump called force jump. They are pretty useful, but not incredible. Also, they have added a new class to each faction, from what I know, the Republic has Clone Commanders, I didn't get to see any others. The Clone Commanders are these people that look like Zam (Wessell, not THAT Zam) and have these huge chainguns, which have strengths and weaknesses, and I am going to believe in you and think you are smart enough to find out those on your own. Also, the look of all of the character classes have been updated which is good. One very good new feature is the ability to switch class at each command post that your team owns, so you no longer commit suicide just so you can blow up a tank, then commit suicide again because the tank is gone and you don't need a rocket launcher anymore. Speaking of tanks, the Can't this ship move any faster?!?!? The sun is closing in on us!walkers from Ep. 3 are now in the game. Now to the map - Utapau - well, it's ok. The problem is it's very small, sure it will probably be bigger in the real game, but not in the demo. Another issue is the lighting, it is very dark and hard to see. Another dissapointment is the map is only one level, you'd think with a place like the hole in the ground, they'd make it like the movie with the different platforms at different levels, but they didn't. So it is an ok map, not one of the better ones though, but hey with 24 maps confirmed, it's not like I HAVE to play that. There are tons of objectives in it just so you know, stuff from killing General Grievous to blowing up some anti-air guns. Now just to the overall game, the in-game design has been a little more streamlined. They have added targeting to both air and space so you don't lose your target, it's not very useful. They haven't really updated the graphics however, I am not complaining though, they were pretty good in BF1. An addition to the overall presentation is that they now have actual movie footage on the menus, including Episode 3 footage. That's all I have to say about the demo, it looks like this will be a 4-5 star game when it is done. Peace and carrots.


  • I never played any of the games. I don't even know what kind of game it is. Do tell? What's it like? But it looks cool!

    By Blogger asdf, at 12:37 AM  

  • Well, it's a squad based Star Wars FPS game. It's really fun, if the demo is any indication of the real game

    By Blogger Ton, at 12:48 AM  

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