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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Today Show with Ton

They should call this the Broadband BubbleIt's time for the news and booy is there a lot. First of all, all you EB Games worshippers out there, bad news fo you. EB Games will no longer be selling pre-owned games!!! Which also means they will not be buying used games either. Who knows what they're going to do for all of the people that bought EB Games cards for pre-owned stuff? I am thinking they will let you use the EB card at Gamestop since EB Games is now part of GS. If they don't, you have just lost $10, boo hoo. Something else big is an interview between a Seattle Post worker and J. Allard of Microsoft. Even though many online stores have said that Halo 3 is coming out, Allard could not confirm that Bungie's next-gen game is Halo 3. That could mean NO HALO 3!!! No, they have not announced that it is NOT Halo 3 either, so I guess just wait and see what happens. All I can say is if it is not Halo 3, I think there will be many an angry villager sieging the Bungie headquarters with pitchfork and torch in hand. Now for some confusing news. Microsoft released the XBOX 360 controller for Windows today. Now you can go golfing without leaving the safety of your monitor!available now for $40. Apparentely it can also be plugged into XBOX 360's. I'm not sure if it's wired or not for XBOX 360, but it is for PC via a breakaway cable. I dont understand much of this, except that it is Also, yesterday, Ronald Mcdonald decided he wanted to make kids fatter by making them want to live at McDonalds even more. McDonalds is now going to have free wireless net for Nintendo DS's, so that people don't have to go home to play their DS's online, they can just stay at McDonalds all day and all night like they want to. Now on to a weird story. University of NY and BT have created a broadband balloon. Yes, that's right, a balloon. It would be cool if only when you were on the net using it, you didn't suddenly lose connection because it blew away. Anyway, it was tested at about 15 miles out and an 11mbps connection was maintained. Yesterday, the Video iPod was cracked allowing people to take video off of their TiVo's and put it on their shiny new iPods. A day later, a way to use Bittorrent on it has been figured out. Now just a bunch of news that is nothing special. Now you can play real sports How do you press sand and make liquid?without even stepping away from your monitor. The color LCD on the Quartz Gyrosensor Putter, that is. It looks pretty cool but it will probably cost an arm and a leg, and since I don't have an arm and a leg to spare, goodbye Quartz Gyrosensor Putter. In Korea, there is a new phone from Samsung with Satellite TV. It has 11 video and 26 audio channels, which is really cool. According to DigitalWorld Tokyo, it looks great even in subway tunnels. As you all know, Sir Jobs (If you haven't noticed yet, that is my new name for Steve Jobs) announced that the Mac G5 was coming out soon. Well, it is out, and you can get it with up to four G5 cores in two dual core G5 CPU's. This is just one of the many things available on the new G5s, other things include support for up to 1TB of storage and four 30" monitors. You can pimp these new G5's so much that you can make them cost $18,000 without a monitor. That is total pimpage, seriously, 16GB of RAM is just off the hook. This would be cool, if only there was a reason to buy one, like maybe gaming, which Macs do not do much of. Also in the wide world of Apple, upgraded 15" and 17" G4 Powerbooks were announced. Also today, the first Smartphone with a 4-megapixel camera in it was released by Lenovo. Two new Media Center PC's were announced by Sony, the Vaio VA and the Vaio XL1 Digital Living System. The XL1 Can I please borrow $18,000 someone?...I'll pay it back...has Wifi, and external DVD changer, a wireless keyboard and trackpad. Get this - the DVD changer holds 200 CD's or DVDs, and can burn 200 DVD's without being supervised, that's cool. Of course it will cost $2,300. The VA has a whopping 20-inch widescreen monitor, dual layer DVD burner, and Window Media Center, and will cost $2,000. Dell is continuing their television line with the new 37" LCD which will cost you $2,300. This is really cool - E Ink and LG.Phillips have designed the world's first flexible LCD - a 10.1" white display. Sadly, it is only black and white right now, but it is still cool. Also, Maxtor is releasing an external hard drive that will be available in 600GB and 1TB sizes. I don't know about you, but I think that 1TB in any hard drive is cool. They will be released in December and be asking for donations to the Maxtor Needs More Money Fund- $550 for the 600GB and $900 for the 1TB. No more news for you!


  • yeah, too bad you can't play good games on macs, one day though i bet you will. until then, i guess you'll always need something with windows laying around

    By Blogger asdf, at 3:00 PM  

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