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Friday, October 14, 2005

A TNT with a short fuse

This week, we are going to do the debates, so less power to the segments. As a matter of fact, we are considering letting you HEAR the debates. So, this week's TNT is going to be pretty short. Also, this is the last week of TNT. I see into the future and I see that next week we will start having news reports every day instead. That means you'll actually hear the news before your local news station tells you (Yes, local news stations have been telling you faster then we have). Ok to this week's TNT, 2 big news stories. Sir Jobs at Apple announced 3 new things this week. 1. iPod Video. 2. iTunes 6. 3. Apple G5. 3 big things from one big guy. The iPod Video is awesome and it will be released very soon. It will be a little bigger then the Nano but just as shiny (and also they took away the portability feature - this one doesn't break in half). It will be available in black and white like the Nano, and let me tell you, the black is S-M-O-K-I-N-G. Oh wait this is a no-smoking zone so that means the iPod Video can't come (waaaaa). It will also be available in 30GB at $300 and 60GB at $400. I really do feel bad for the people that bought the iPod Nano because this is about the same size, $50 more, and 24 GB bigger. The 2.5" screen is crystal clear according to people who saw it. It will hold everything the latest iPods do, and of course video. This leads me to iTunes 6. You can pay $2 on the new iTunes 6 and download a music video, select TV show, or Pixar short (ha...ha.....they actually think little kids will have these). The music video selection will probably get huge, right now they only have 2,000 though. As for the TV shows, right now they have Lost (A cross between Survivor and Gilligans Island, I just pictured that and it's weird), Desperate Housewives (I see they're pleasin' the ladies), Night Stalker (Corn in the night), That's So Raven (Kiddy show from Disney Channel), and the Suite Life of Zack and Cody (Kiddier show from Disney Channel). Whenever a new episode comes out, they will have it for sale the next day. Of course the selection will grow, but that's it for now. They have about 6 Pixar shorts for the kitties (or kiddies, I always get those mixed up) out there. I really hope this gets as big as movies, then you will be able to buy them on there for your iPod and also burn them to DVD to watch on your TV. There are a few other new features in iTunes 6 but nothing major. Also, G4 is no longer making Apple computers, now they have moved on to G5. They actually look pretty good, they are LCD monitors and I think the computers in the LCD too. There is a new OS for it too called I think OS X Tiger. One last note about the iPod Video, I really dont know why they don't call it the ViPod, I guess they are just obsessed with leaving it iPod something. Ok enough about Jobs. The other big news is MSN and Yahoo are merging their messenger programs. This is huge, they will actually be able to compete with AIM. I really like Yahoo, and MSN has some cool features, but I hate using both, so now I dont have to. I think they should call this MSYahoo, but I guess they don't care what I think. It seems they will just be working on plain IM for now, other junk later. They say 50 million people use AIM and 49 million use MSN and Yahoo together, which means it's a close race. The thing is, most of the MSN and Yahoo accounts are the same people, so you'll be able to talk to your Nothing much else about this. That's all folks and cheese heads of all ages, see you later.

(Imageshack is down, so no pics for you yet)


  • I think Yahoo is now requiring you are 18 years old to go into chatrooms according to our friends on AOTS.

    By Blogger asdf, at 12:50 PM  

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