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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cool Stuff Yo

Now it is time for some more cool stuff I know you all will enjoy. I will start off with my favorite today. Joystiq, a really popular gaming blog, their readers have recreated the DS. It is of course Photoshopped, but these really look good. They have a DS Nano, DS Micro, etc. Really awesome. Go check it out at this line of periods .............. (or just a link.) Ok, next. Want movies on your cell phone. Well finally Sony has decided to put them on there. These movies will come on MMC cards in a 128Mb variety, not bad. The latest movie announcements are Stuart Little, Spider-Man 2, Hitch, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, and Ghostbusters. Nice for people who want to watch them on thier cell phone. Click on these big lines |||||||||||||| (or a link.) Finally, tired of tuning your guitar manually? Well now there is a robotic device that will do it for you! And you can buy it too, only $50 which is not bad. Just click on these series of ones and zeroes, 101100101011110101010 (or link, ok, it is getting old.) That is all the cool stuff right now, remember, let all your internet browsing be consisted of cool stuff, or something like that.


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