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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Back In The Day We Didn't Have That Website Wednesdays" Well Now You Do!

It's time for everyone's favorite segment, Website Wednesdays!! Today I have two great sites for you. One is a logo maker site and one is an university experiment that is really cool. I will start with the logo creator. A few weeks ago I told you of a Google logo maker, but I have found a website that lets you make Star Wars, Yahoo!, Nintendo, Harry Potter, and a few more. I know you have always wanted to munipulate the Star Wars logo, and now you can! In addition to Gamer Mania 2 google, we have made Gamer Mania 2 yahoo! (yeah!) Go and see. It is really a fun site to play around with. It is called Logo54 by the way. My next site is called This website is a site of the future, seriously. Tired of clicking? Well this site solves it all. There website interface is click-free. On there you can go where you want to just by scrolling over it. Very cool. My favorite thing is what happens when you do click. It gives you a snowy screen and asks if your click was accidental or on purpose. Back when it was first starting though, it gave you a time out which was more fun then answering a survey, but it is still good. I think it is cool and I think you guys will think it is cool also. That is all for Website Wednesdays, and remember, let all you websites be good ones (or something like that.)


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