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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hello Xbox 360!

Finally after months of waiting it is finally here! The start of the new Next-Gen cycle has just been released and has a big outcome of buyers. All around the country fanboys had been waiting for much time in line in front of their local electronics retailer to get their hands on the new hardware. At midnight last night the US was relieved of the wait for the fresh feeling of holding a controller in you hand that you know should not be in your hand until a few years later. The technology is amazing on this equipment and now everyone that is a normal person can get their hands on what has got to be the most exciting moment for gamers this year. So to honor the release of the Xbox 360 us at GM2 have decided to make this day Xbox 360 day. We will have many Gamer's Opinions posts about various problems with the 360. We may also put up a few previews if we can. So look forward for the day devoted to the new next-gen console released today. So why not "Jump In" (yeah, I know.)


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