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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Watch Saturday Night Live Last Night?

Now before you say anything, yes, MadTV is awesome too. Ok, well anyway, on SNL last night they totally made fun of Steve Jobs during Weekend Update. They said they have a "Special Report from Steve Jobs." So 4 seasoner SNL member Fred Amisen dressed up into what looks like a great Steve Jobs promoting a brand new iPod, the iPod Micro (hmm....wonder where they got Micro from.) This was a really small iPod barely fit in his hand. He said it could hold a ton of songs, pictures, and you can watch movies on it. So Tina and Amy asked when that one came out and Stevey said "Right now." But then he said "but by Thankgiving, this one will be obsolete. That is when we bring out the iPod Pequeno. The iPod Pequeno can hold 1 Million songs, you can watch movies, and it holds pictures." This iPod was so small it looked like a small piece of metal with two dots in it. Tina and Amy were wondering how they would watch movies on it, so Steve said not to worry, because by Christmas the iPod Pequeno would be obsolete, and then that is when the iPod Invisa will be released. You couldn't even see this one, he was obviously just holding his thumb and index finger together. So he explained it by saying "The iPod Invisa hold 8 million songs, every picture ever taken, you can watch movies, and, there is Pong. And the best part about this is that if you drop it, it levitates." That was when it ended. Oh man that was a funny sketch. There is a video of it here, go and see it, it is so funny. And please, don't expect an iPod Micro, Pequeno, or Invisa any time soon (although the Pequeno would be cool.)


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