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Friday, November 11, 2005

Some Random Stuff

Well, I really had nothing to do, so I went around, found some sites, and am telling you about them now. Well, the first is a photosharing website where you make an album of course. It is called BubbleShare and it looks sexy. It is still in BETA, but works. Now there are so many photosharing websites out there, but they have a hack to put it in a blog post. Click on the hyperlink tool, and then put this:

<*iframe frameborder="0" width="614" height="588" scrolling="no" src="">

(exclude the * in the beginning) instead of an actual URL. This hack is pretty cool. I got it at their weblog that is also pretty good, to see it click this linky. Overall, Bubbleshare is extremely sexy. I can't believe how beautiful it looks, so shiny. If you want your photos up, use this. Just to show you how cool it is, here is one I just made, link. Next, can you crack the lock? Well test your skillz to this brain teaser. It is a series of puzzles to unlock a lock. All you have are some clues. These clues make you really think. You should have some good math skillz to do this, but if you can think (and have a calculator) then you can do it. Go try at link. Ok, that is all the random/cool stuff I have for you today, but "I will be back."


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