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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Zam, What Came Out This Week? Let's Let The Magical Release Recap Tell You

Games where good this week, now let me tell you. Some good and some bad. Of course, lets start with the good. Probably the best controller ever made for a game came out (with the game) this week. Yes, I am talking about Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero is pretty much Dance Dance Revolution except with a guitar. Another very big game that came out this week has suspence, drama, women, and weapons. Oh yeah, and it has an object's name in its title. Yes, I am talking about.........Harry Potter: And The Goblet Of Fire!! I know you were thinking Gun, but I will get to that, but Harry Potter is the latest edition to the series that made too much money. I can probably sum this game up in one word, MAGIC. Ok, next. GUN came out this week from Neversoft. This is very different from Neversoft as they are basically known as "yeah those guys who make the Tony Hawk games." This time they took a whole different root in their new game. You don't skate, but shoot. You shoot everything. You know like the ol' gamer rule, "Shoot everything, if it explodes, it was bad." That is basically that. Next, The Matrix: Path of Neo. This is a game. Yeah, a Matrix game. As you know, the last one was ok, I actually kind of liked it, except for the fact that you didn't PLAY NEO! (well there was a cheat, but still.) So in this one of course you play as Neo in a matrix style game. The critics said it was much better, so there. Another game this week was the long awaited The Sims like game, The Movies. The movies is pretty much the Sims, except instead of making them cheat on each other with the same sex and make them who-hoo until they start yelling at you and have a baby, you make a movie. Eh, that is all you pretty much have to say. Hmm... what else, oh, SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo for the PSP came out. This was a long awaited game seeing if the PSP could withstand that kind of gameplay. So, yeah, go pick that up if you like the series. All of the Lord of The Rings fans with PSPs should be happy this week because they just released a new game called Lord of the Rings Tactics. You get to play through everything, the books, movie, and middle-earth. You defend you territory and stuff like that, basic Lord of the Rings. Oh yeah, one more, apparently, Xbox 360 games are already on the shelves, so if you want them, go and get them.

Ok, now the why did that come out games. First, Spongebob Squarepants: The Yellow Avenger. In this one the Dirty Bubble has kidnapped SpongeBob's favorite superheroes, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!!!! Spongebob must stop them with his wonderful spongy powers. Oh sounds so action packed and exciting. Ok, next. Fantastic 4: Flame On came out. This looks as if you play Johnny Storm (a.k.a Human Torch) going through a wonderful GBA game. Oh yeah. Next up is the one you have all been waiting for and have been drastically saved your money for. Sea World: Shamu's Deep Sea Adventure! Oh yay. You all will love playing a giant whale in a wonderful GBA game, you all want to. Ok, actual story, in Sea World, Poseidon want to steal the magic of the park away from Shamu and Seaworld, so you fight him by being a whale?
Ok, nice one.

Now for the games I can't put in one fo those categories because I have never played their predecessor (or don't know about it.) Suikoden Tactics (wow another with the word Tactics in it) came out and is a sequel to Suikoden, one overlooked game. Fatal Frame is another series I have never cared to play, and they came out with a third, Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented. It sounds like regular Fatal Frame (I know you capture ghosts in you camera) but has some different stuff. Ok, I am sad to say I have never played a Viewtiful Joe game (and don't know what Viewtiful means.) But, 2, that is right, 2 games came out this week all from the Viewtiful Joe series. One for the DS and one for the consoles. First the console game. Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble is where you are yet again making a movie and have to bla, bla, bla, slow motion. Oh yeah, it also came out on the PSP. Well, the DS one is called Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble (clever name.) It is a double screened version of pretty much the same game. You get a new character, Joe's little sister, Jasmine. Cool. Sounds like.....the same game.

Ok, that is what I have today. Enjoy!


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