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Thursday, December 01, 2005

I see psychic people!

Industry analysts working for Piper Jaffray are calling themselves psychic. So, here are two of their predictions. These guys are professionals so, it could mean something. The first one is about World War 3 - the Console War. They are predicting that at least until 2008 the XBOX 360 will be winning with 19.6 mil units. The PS3 will be in second by 15.5 mil units. Then the Revolution will be sadly losing with 5 mil units. I don't know if I believe that though. I think the PS3 will beat the XBOX 360 by miles and kilometers for metric people. Then the second one is about the handheld scene. They think the PSP is going to finally pull ahead of the DS, especially when they release the version with the hard drive.


  • I agree with you. I think PS3 will stay had of XBox and I think if this new Revo controller is a success, it will be closer between the 3 then those figures suggest.

    As far as handhelds. I think PSP has better graphics, but it's way too expensive and if I want to play games that look that good, I'll do it on my tv and not at a screen that makes me eyes cross

    By Blogger asdf, at 11:42 PM  

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