Gamer Mania 2

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What Do You Get When You Mix Your Skillz And Throw Free Games In It? Why Test Your Skillz Of Course!!

Yes, the first week of the grueling competition for the games has finished its first week. Apparently, only one person entered, which I guess is ok considering this was our first week. So in that case, he is the winner. If you forgot, last week's challenge was to make a spinoff of the famous Attack of the Show! sketch "HOMEROWED!" This week's winner is from Doug with his "YOU GOT CLUCKED" saying. In his attacking, he takes a rubber chicken, hit people with it, and yell "YOU GOT CLUCKED" Good job Doug, 5 pts is going your way and making you #1 on our leaderboard. Congrats. Ok, for this week's challenge, I want you to make your own Instant Messenger. What we mean is is that we want you to make a whole new unique name for an instant messenger. Here is our example, Distachat (Yeah, that the best we could come up with.) If you are feeling lucky, you can even name some unique features about you instant messenger. If you really want to get into this, you can even make a picture of your instant messenging service which will really get you bonus points. In your e-mail, please include your entry, your name (which will probably be shown, so put an alias if needed), and if you would like, your website which we will put a link for. Send them to Ok, for this challenge we will give you to next Tuesday at 5:00 pm EST U.S. time. If you have any questions regarding this challenge, please leave them in the comments. GOOD LUCK!!


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