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Thursday, February 09, 2006

BREAKING NEWS!! Halo 2 On PC Confirmed, But Only For Windows Vista

Been waiting for a PC version of Halo 2 that is not in French and actually legit, well it has been announced, but one dilemma, it will only work for the new Windows Operating System Vista. Now PC gamers will have to put up the big bucks for the honorable disk of upgrade to play the legendary game Halo 2. Some gamers will say it is worth it, but some will say, "Ehh, forget it! I'm going to get an Xbox." This is going to be good for Microsoft because they will get a huge profit on upgrades and will probably get more people to check it out for that reason will have a domino effect in the form of friends telling friends telling friends so on. Not only do you have to upgrade your OS, you have to upgrade you graphics card too. Well most do at least because from the way the graphics and power is sounding, the newest most powerful cards may be the minimum requirements. So the question stands, upgrade PC which can cost over $700, or buy an Xbox or 360 which will only rack you about $450. Its really a hard choice.


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