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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dun dun dun it's time for THE RETURN OF WEBSITE WEDNESDAYS!

Yeah it’s finally back. The super man of all segments, WEBSITE WEDNESDAYS! It’s been a few months, but WW is back to stay. So I got 3 cool sites for you this week. Yeah… So the first one is called and it’s this weird tech blog. When I say weird, I mean weird. They talk about everything from boot driers to remotes inside teddy bears. It’s weird, but it’s awesome at the same time. If you want another cool blog to check out, hit But don’t stop coming here. That would be bad.

Okay, next is a site that’s cooler then cool beans in a cooler. It’s that cool. It’s called the Divine Opinion. Another blog, and they do book and movie reviews. Doug from The Only Opinion That Counts runs it, and Me from This Blog does some reviews there as well. The reviews we do over there are pretty detailed, but not so much that they get boring like all the other places that do those kind of reviews. Make sure you check it out a few times this week, cuz I’m doing Poseidon, Mi:3, and Da Vinci Code reviews on there that I won’t be putting on GM2 (well, probably not).

So now that you’ve got some cool beans in a cooler, I’m going to wrap it up with a cool photo blog. It’s called “WVS” and they have some of the coolest pictures you’ll ever see over there. This dude by the name of Sam Javanrouh runs it, and he’s really creative when it comes to taking pictures and everything else. If you don’t believe me, try and figure out why he named it “WVS”. It’s SAM turned upside down. That’s pretty cool. He does about 1 pic a day and has about 500 in his archives. My favorite ones are the architecture, cityscapes, and landscapes, but all of them are pretty cool. They’re great pics for your computer’s background if you’re looking for something new. So, that’s all for my SUPER-DUPER Website Wednesdays this week.

Ton, out.


  • I'll have to be checking out the photo blog. I enjoy some good photography.

    By Blogger asdf, at 7:23 PM  

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