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Monday, May 08, 2006

Guess what? Sony didn't tell us what's really going on with the different PS3s

After getting some people happy that they're releasing a $500 PS3 with only 40GB less storage, they've just pissed those people off too. I mean, 40GB of storage doesn't cost $100. So, Engadget happened to stumble upon the real specs. Guess what? You miss a hell of a lot for $100 less. First, you don't get Wifi internet. Second, no memory card reader. And probably the most rage-inducing thing, no HDMI cables. That means that you're paying for the Blu-Ray player but you won't be able to get HD out of it. If that isn't a rip off, I don't know what is. Considering they didn't announce this in the press conference, I bet this will spawn some lawsuits. More trouble for Sony. And you know what? For not telling everyone this, they deserve it.
I mean, come on, if you're not going to make the Blu-Ray HD usable, then why bother? Make a version for $350-400 without Blu-Ray and one for $600 with it.
Also, another disappointment, the new PS3 controller won't have vibration because it "messes up the motion sensor". If that's what it does, how does the Wii have it?
If I don't buy a PS3 now, it'll probably be because Sony lied about this. And this basically means you have to get the $600 one to really use the PS3 for what it's supposed to be. Microsoft did it right, they released a lesser version, then they released a better one with some add-ons. Unlike the 360's Hard drive, Sony is making a lesser one without something that can't be added later, an HDMI port.
And Microsoft didn't lie.
So many questions, and I don't think Sony will be answering them.
I just have to say, Goodbye Sony.


  • "First, you don't get Wifi internet. Second, no memory card reader. And probably the most rage-inducing thing, no HDMI cables"

    You're getting too worked up over $100. That's a lot of additional stuff you're getting there.

    I wouldn't make too big of a deal about buying an HDTV to get the full use out of this system either. The 360 is the same. If looks better then a regular xbox, but you're still not getting all you can out of it if you aren't playing on an HDTV.

    You also have to remember, this is the most powerful system. Why wouldn't it cost it the most? It's also the most popular of the three.

    Not to mention the fact that Playstation actually has good games. Games that people want to play. Xbox has Halo.

    I really don't think the price is going to be a factor. If it's the best system, people will find a way to pay for it.

    By Blogger asdf, at 11:20 AM  

  • I'm just saying that they should have told everyone this, instead of just saying the only difference is 40GB on the HD. Some people might want HD and not know about this, buy the $500 one and then be pissed when they can't use HDMI. It's not so much the lack of the things I'm ticked about as the fact they didn't just announce it.

    By Blogger Ton, at 12:46 PM  

  • Well, if they don't know beforehand, I'm sure they'll figure it out at the store.

    By Blogger asdf, at 2:56 PM  

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