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Thursday, May 04, 2006

PSP and DS phoneage from Vonage!

Before I get into this, let's play a game! Who knows what VoIP is?
A: Violent and Overly Itchy People
B: Vultures Of Indiana Parade
C: Voice-Over IP
Okay, it was C. What do you win? Um..... news about VoIP on PSP and DS. You lucky dog!
Sorry, I had to get that randomness out of my system. Anyway, it's a little overdue on PSP, but I didn't expect it for DS at any point. So, it would use the DS's integrated mic and probably one of the SOCOM headsets on PSP. You'd probably get it through a Firmware update for PSP and something like the cartridge they're putting Opera on the with DS. What's going to suck is, since it's Vonage, it probably won't be free. So you'll be getting telemarketer calls or calls from your buddy who just wanted to tell you he ate an apple and getting pissed off because it costs $5 a call. If they make it free though... start yelling "WOO-HOO" at your PSP or DS right now.
If only Skype would make a free VoIP and video phone service for our Sony and Nintendo bundles of joy....

By the way..... this is a rumor, but I would sure believe that it's true.


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