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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Introducing the console with the weirdest name ever..... the Nintendo Wii!!!

Introducing... Wii.

As in "we."

While the code-name Revolution expressed our direction, Wii represents the answer. Wii will break down that wall that seperates videogame players from everybody else. Wii will put people more in touch with their games... and each other. But you're probably asking: What does the name mean?

Wii sounds like "we," which emphasizes the console is for everyone. Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak. No confusion. No need to abbreviate. Just Wii.

Wii has a distinctive "ii" spelling that symbolizes both the unique controllers and the image of people playing it. And Wii, as a name and a console, brings something revolutionary to the world of videogames that sets it apart from the crowd.

So that's Wii. But now Nintendo needs you. Because it's really not about you or me. It's about Wii. And together, Wii will change everything.

Wow. That was sure a sidewinder. Wii? Sounds like some kind of weird sushi. I really wished they just left it at Revolution. Sounds a lot cooler. Anyway, along with the "We" thing, they also brought up the fact that the iPod probably sounded weird at first, as did Google and many others, but now they're mainstream. They think the same thing will happen with the Wii. I actually think it's a good idea, and even though it's weird, I like it. Even though everyone thinks it's weird now, I bet they'll get used to it if the console goes over well, because the name doesn't really matter if the console kicks ass. I don't like the idea of saying "Okay I'm going to go play with my Wii" though. It just sounds stupid.

Official Wii Site

Check out the cool trailer there.


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