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Friday, April 28, 2006

V For Vendetta

"Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot."

Cast: Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman

Plot:It's some time in the future in England, a country which has become horribly corrupt.
This is the setting for a nice little movie called V for Vendetta. It starts with Evey (Portman) getting caught out after curfew by a couple of fingermen. They try to rape her, but a masked man named V (Weaving) drops in and whoops all of their asses. After a long rant with about 100 uses of the letter v, V asks Evey to join him for an "orchestra". This "orchestra" of sorts will make you love music. He brings her to a rooftop and has music play through the city and then shoots off fireworks inside the Old Bailey, blowing it up.

The next day, V gets into the BTN and broadcasts a message across all of Britain that says that he blew up the Old Bailey and asking them to join him on November 5th in a year to blow up Parliament. Just as the police are about to capture him, he escapes after Evey knocks out the man trying to capture him. She gets knocked out in the process and V brings her back to his underground hideout of sorts. He tells her she can't leave because he doesn't trust her not to tell people where his hideout is. What follows are the murders of a famous TV personality, a bishop, and a coroner, all of which are done by V.

While he's murdering the bishop, Evey escapes. She goes to one of her former co-workers houses, who lets her stay with him. While she's there, he makes a joke about the chancellor on TV. Later, he is executed in his house, and Evey bearly escapes. Only to be caught by another soldier close outside the house. She's sent to a facility where she's tortured and questioned about V, though she says nothing. While there, she finds a letter from a woman who was there before and it tells her story. The interrogator comes in one last time and asks who V is, but Evey says she will not tell him. He then says she is free to go.

As soon as she leaves, she finds that she was really in V's underground home. He tells her he wanted her to know what it was like to feel how he felt when he tortured was in the medical testing facility years ago. He allows her to leave after a while, but she promises she'll return before November 5th. V meets with many of his enemies before the 5th, which leads to the chancellor and 12 finger men waiting for V on the 5th.

Below Parliament, V has a train of explosives waiting. Evey is with him. He goes upstairs to meet the 13 men who want him dead. When they fire upon him, their magazines empty and he is still alive. He kills them before they reload. However, when he goes back downstairs, he dies, leaving Evey to conduct her own orchestra of destruction. She turns on the train and the explosives go under Parliament and blow, creating the absolute coolest explosion ever.

Verdict: This movie was awesome. It shows that government can in fact be corrupt, and that governments should fear their people. Hugo and Natalie were great in their parts. Even though V is a terrorist, you'll love him. It'll also get you to learn to love orchestras. Overall, this is the probably the best movie to come in '06 so far. Go into it knowing you'll have to think about it some though, otherwise you'll hate it. I'm gonna give it 4.5 white masks out of 5. If you can still get to it in theaters, hit it. Then buy it on DVD. Unless you're one of those guys who likes pure action movies without plots, then avoid it at all costs, as you'll probably tell people it sucks just because you aren't capable of higher levels of thinking.

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  • Well written review. I agree. The movie was great. It wasn't just all action and it requires a great deal of thought.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:58 PM  

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