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Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Times Calls For New Designs (Not Us Though)

Lately, some rather popular websites have changed the layout of their sites, from the littlest of a cleaner logo, or the site in its entirety. We have noticed a bunch of sites that this has happened to. One of the sites that changed completely, 100%, is They have taken their older, ehh looking site, and turned it into a sleek, cool, stylish site. Their layout is now a black with some blue buttons layout that looks so awesome. They have changed their searching system and rating archives system completely and the whole site is just so much better. Go and check it out at Speaking of sleek and stylish, has changed the top bar of their site which contains their logo and payment options and all of that to a nice, sexier design. Very nice, go and catch a glimpse of it at Finally, there was a giant announcement a while ago about how EB Games and GameStop are merging. Well they have decided to make their sites pretty much exactly the same. Same layout, and pretty much the same stuff on it. Don't believe me? See for yourself at both and Well, now you have seen a bunch of new layouts. Maybe this will give you some ideas for a site you are thinking of making. Who knows, maybe we will change our layout soon (I doubt it.)


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