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Monday, May 29, 2006

Tetris DS

It’s time for a review of a remake of that really popular game that made the sky crap blocks on you. No, not Pokemon Dash. That game just was crap. I mean Tetris, duh! So yeah, they remade it on the Nintendo Dual Screen. I know most Tetris remakes suck King Kong’s toes, but this one doesn’t. So, you all know Tetris, and this one of course comes with the original mode, which is always fun. This one comes with a bunch of new modes though, and some of them are almost as much fun as the regular one.

The first 1 is Touch mode, and it basically gives you a bunch of Tetriminos stacked really high and you have to slide them with the stylus to get rid of all the rows. There’s also a puzzle mode with 200 different puzzles that you use the stylus with too and you have to do stuff like get rid of chains of six lines. The regular touch is way better then the puzzle, but definitely not as good as the original Tetris.

The second is just a plain Puzzle mode where they give you a bunch of Tetriminos on the top screen, and you have to use the 3 different Tetriminos you have on the bottom screen to clear the top screen. It’s pretty fun, and there are 200 just like the touch puzzle one so you won’t run out very soon.

And then there’s Mission mode, which fully sucks. You have to do stuff like get rid of 2 rows with a square Tetrimino. It gets really boring really fast, because you do the same stuff over and over. Worst of the 5 new modes.

Then you have Catch mode, which is my favorite of the new ones. You get a brick and there are Tetriminos falling down. You have to catch them and make blocks of 4x4, which explode after 10 seconds. If you take too long to make a block, then you run out of energy and lose. There are also Metroids falling which will eat a bunch of your Tetriminos if you hit one of them. This mode ROCKS BALLS! Definitely the most innovative spin on Tetris I’ve ever seen.

And last is Push mode, which is really good too. You play against an opponent and you have to force the glob of Tetriminos into either the top or the bottom of the shaft, depending on where you are. You do this by blowing up 2 or more lines of Tetriminos. Another great twist on the Tetris gameplay, and it’s really fun. One thing though, if you like monkeys, don’t play this mode. If you lose…. DONKEY KONG FALLS INTO THE FIRE!! Aww how sad. L Poor DK.

Then there’s the multiplayer stuff. And BOY is there a lot. You can play around with your friends with up to 10 people with 1 game card in regular Tetris. Or if you don’t happen to have friends because you play games like Fat Albert eats Twinkies, you can play on the Wi-Fi Connection. You can do 2 or 4 player regular, or 2 player Push mode. Really, really fun.

The only thing Tetris fans might not like about this game is the changes they made to it. Like how they added a hold piece that you can switch with the one that’s falling by pressing one of the triggers. And how you can see up to 6 blocks ahead of what’s falling. Nothing much, but some Tetris addicts might be pissed.

Finally we have to get to the graphics and sound. Well, it’s Tetris, so the graphics are basic. But they added a bunch of retro themes like in Push mode you’re falling through a Metroid level and a spinning character that spins when you get rid of lines. Really, really cool. And then to the sound, it’s just old Nintendo music, but that’s ok.

Verdict: This game rocks. It’s a great puzzle game to go alongside Meteos, and a great twist on Tetris. You need to check this game out, because it gets 4.5 Marios getting dizzy when you pwn the Tetriminos out of 5. Buy it for sure.

What the eff dude #9? Bobo?


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